u13's girls season review

 A great team of girls, most of which are new to representative football this year, all got along very well from the start.
 Despite a sensational performance at proctor cup we found it difficult to perform once the competition got underway.
When we had the better of teams we were unable to put them away and score the winning goal
By round 16 we were second last, but still in the hunt for semi finals.
We made some adjustments, the girls started to find enough to get that goal,  and turn things around.
We finished regular season in outright third, recently drawing 1-1
with the team finishing 1st Mariners I believe with our performances throughout the year third place was a fair result.
 A big thank you to Simon Lucas and Carlo Tini for giving their time and knowledge, And our manager Sandra Santos.

This season may have been up and down, but for me it's been great to
make new friends, and seeing the girls grow in stature and ability on
the field,

Well done girls and good luck for the Semi Finals,

Rob Fonti