Proctor Park Challenge 2017

With a high level of excitement our girl’s teams headed to Bathurst this weekend to take part in the Proctor Cup 2017.

Two days of great football was displayed on the pitch by the U13’s, U15, and U17’s, the girls played some beautiful football and if the results are anything to go by then these 3 teams will be a force to be reckoned with in 2017 WSL.

Our U13’s won 4 games out of 4 and went into the semis undefeated and finished 1st in their division.
They came up against Marconi in the semis with the score being 0-0 at full time. After extra time the score was still 0-0 and as usual it went to penalty shootout with the result being 3-0 to Marconi.
Our girls gave it their all and fought to the end, a spectacular result for a new and young team who came up against NPL2 teams and held their own. Well done to the girls and the coaching staff.

Our U15’s another young team with some great players amongst their midst once again had some great wins against NPL2 and finished 2nd in their division

Our 17’s showed some class and resilience on the pitch played well with some great passing skills; they came away with a couple of draws against some NPL2 teams.

Congratulations to the girls on their results and to the coaching and management staff for their hard work and dedication.
Again St George FC WSL has shown that we are a force to be reckoned with, all the best for the 2017 season starting on 2/4/2017 were the girl’s/women take on SD Raiders FC @ St George Stadium.