FNSW State League Women's Coach of the Year 2015

FNSW Women’s State League
Coach of the Year Award
And the winner is …………..
St George FC’s Coach - Carlo Tini

The Football NSW’s Coach of the Year (FNSW WOMEN'S STATE LEAGUE) award is an annual award, presented by FNSW at the Season End Gala Dinner.  The winner is selected at the end of regular season by all Women’s State League Clubs from NSW each of whom casts a vote for first, second and third place selections. Each first-place vote is worth five three points; each second-place vote is worth two points; and each third-place vote is worth one point. The person with the highest point total, regardless of the number of first-place votes, wins the award.
St George FC’s Head of Women’s Football Carlo Tini was the 2015 recipient of this prestigious award. Carlo has been instrumental developing the St George FC Football Program and successfully seen all of the SGFC Girls/ Women’s Teams participate in the Championship Series 2015. Carlo has been supported by highly the accredited coaches Stuart Cox & Billy Kirk. The support from Vicki Koinis & Irene Nicopolous and the Women’s Coordinator Steve Crowe Mai has also helped position the Club for growth and future development.   
Carlo & his Team will be working over the summer to ensure the Club is well placed for the next season.  
The St George FC Women’s and Girls Trials will be held at Barton Park on Sunday 15th November and further information will be published on St George Football Club website over the next few weeks www.stgeorgefootball.com.au .  
Ross Gardner, St George FC Chairman invites all aspiring footballers “to consider the St George Football Development Programs” when contemplating registration and trials for the 2016 Season.