NPL PS4 Youth League Report Vs Sydney Olympic

Won 1 - 0  Nil Report


It was a fantastic winter morning and the under 12’s set the standard with a good win.
Our Boy’s started slowly and cautiously against a very good foe.
After 10 minutes we put 3 beautiful 1 touch passes together and slotted away the first goal.
Olympic were getting quite physical and pressed us hard trying to create errors in our game.
Again we had a break and a beautiful high cross back past goal was headed in perfectly for our second goal.
We were put under pressure for the rest of the first half and still did not concede a point.
In the second half our walking wounded players put in their best but were unable to get the 4 goals that we did last time against Olympic.
The team were unable to play their fast passing game as our opposition were not giving us room to play.
We had plenty of opportunity out wide but were frustrated as we couldn’t get the ball out of the ruck in the middle.
Our Goalie had a busy game and kept a clean sheet.
Congratulations St George on winning 2 goals to Nil.
Terry has decided to reward the Team with a rest on Monday night to get over their aches and pains.
Break out the PS4 and relax, you have earned it.
 Goal Scorers -
James – 1
Matt - 1

U14's Won 2 - 0  Nil Report

U15's  Lost  1 - 2