SAP Report

Our SAP teams were back at home on Sunday as they played Marconi Stallions @ St George Stadium on what proved to be a day of mixed performances.
Our U9s Blue defence initially struggled to hold off the oppositions attacking play but soon recovered to transition from defence to attack with some very determined and outstanding  1 v 1  plays, passing sequences and accurate strikes on the ball that managed to even the momentum of the game.  Whilst the second half continued in much the same way, the ball did not bounce in our favour along our defensive line at critical times when we were not really under too much pressure.

The U9’s white team must have been taking notes of the first game as they came out on the attack with some great 1v1 plays and passing sequences that saw them utilise the full width and length of the field to penetrate the oppositions defence with some brilliant strikes on the ball. The momentum of our attacking play did no diminish throughout the second half with more strike on target and our defence holding firm.

The U10’s blue team had a real game on their hand with some good defending on display from both teams. The game saw a lot of great passing sequences and strikes on the ball as well as quick counter attacks from both sides which were equally well defended. Whilst the first half saw both teams evenly placed we were able to gain the momentum in the second half with some brilliant strikes on target on the back of great 1v1 attacking plays and passing sequences. However in the last few minutes of the game the momentum evened out as we failed to control the ball at critical times along our defensive line.

The U10s white team had a similar start to our under 9’s Blue team with the opposition starting off in an attacking frame of mind. Whilst our defence was in tune with the oppositions attacking plays when driven from out wide, they struggled to defend against the individual 1 v 1 attacking plays thru the middle of the field spear headed by their striker and mid field players.  Although we had many striking opportunities throughout the game and were able to counter attack quickly, we failed to capitalize on such opportunities with any accurate strikes on the ball.

Our U11’s Blue team went on the offensive immediately and were quick to capitalise on the striking opportunities presented to them early on in the game. Whilst our  individual 1v1 attacking plays thru the middle of the field proved to be problematic for the oppositions  defence our midfield and forward attacking runs were out of sync. This wasn’t the case when we transitioned from attack to defence as we were able to drop back to deal with the oppositions counter attacking plays. Although we were able to retain momentum throughout the game the old adage of “doing things the hard way” certainly comes to mind.

The last game of the day saw the White team in action against a very strong opponent that  was able to quickly transition play between midfield and forward attacking players and produce shots on target.  Although the momentum of the game favoured the opposition our counter attacks were not able to produce any accurate strikes on the ball. Our defence struggled to cover the forward attacking plays given our goal keeper plenty to do on the day. Overall a very courageous performance by our team.

This week is the GALA DAY week end which will see us Play Marconi Stallions, Northern Tigers & Sydney United @  Valentine Sports Park on Sunday 31.5.2015.

I also wish to take the opportunity to thank the referees (parents) who helped out with Sundays game as well acknowledging all the referees (parents) that have helped out in previous games this year so far. It is not an easy task and often open to criticism.
Your help and participation is an essential part and critical to the success of the games and is greatly appreciated by all.