SAP Report

“ Our SAP teams headed out to Orange on the weekend to play Western NSW Mariners FC @ Sir Jack Bradham Oval on what would have to be described as perfect playing conditions. 
The clean air and the later than usual kick off time saw our U9 teams energized and certainly in an attacking frame of mind.
Our  1 v 1 attacking plays combined with great combination passing persistently challenged the opposition’s defences, netting  some  amazing strikes and finishes that were on target.
Whilst the momentum of the games favoured our attacking play we were caught napping at times with the opposition quick to capitalise. Overall it was a very encouraging and strong performance following on the back of last week’s brilliant performance.
The U10s blue team faced a very motivated opposition which set the scene for a very exciting game. Both teams were able to display some exceptional 1 v1 attacking and defensive plays and were evenly matched with the momentum of the game ultimately going in our favour. The game was free flowing and highlighted by some brilliant strikes and finishes that capped off runs in play that started out from the back.  Very exciting game of football to watch. Whilst the U10s white team game was not as close, our players showcased their 1v1 attacking plays and combination passing putting on another very convincing performance. 
Our U11s capped off the day with the first game highlighting the Blue team’s capacity to influence the momentum of the game with some great strikes on the ball that complimented good combination passing sets and  1 v1 attacking play. Although our defence was able to be breached on occasions we did not lose focus and were able to initiate good counter attacks.  The white team game saw a number of brilliant strikes that found their mark on the back of some excellent 1 v 1 attacking plays. Whilst we were able to maintain our momentum throughout the game the same could not be said about our formation which lacked discipline towards the end of the game. 
Overall though the U11’s should be congratulated along with the 9’s & 10’s for  very good  performances. 
This Sunday (24.5.2015)  we play Marconi Stallions at St George Stadium”