SAP Report

"Thank you to all the mothers that gave up breakfast in bed  on Mother’s day to see St George FC play Bonnyrigg White Eagles.

The U9s kicked off the day with two brilliant games hoping to impress the mums and they certainly did just that.  Both games were free flowing with exceptional attacking and counter attacking plays that showcased players skills in running with the ball and playing out from the back utilising ball control and passing  and striking techniques that were justly rewarded.

The U10’s were again impressive this week demonstrating good striking techniques from first touch situations in close attacking formation. A nail biting game highlighted the U10s second game with a very evenly balanced contest that was characterised by some brilliant individual  1 v1 attacking and defensive techniques which resulted in fast attacking and counter attacking plays. Both sides  demonstrated  a capacity to strike the ball with confidence right down to the final whistle.

The two U11s games were equally as impressive with  the first game highlighted by strong 1v1 defensive technique that was able to contain and restrict striking opportunities. As the game progressed thru to the second half our attacking play was able to capitalise on some brilliant first touch control on the ball and striking technique to change the momentum of the game. The second game started off  with our  defensive in disarray. The players however soon recovered and responded with some outstanding  1v1 attacking plays and striking technique  which brought them back into the game. Whilst the team continued to capitalise and build on this momentum the opponents were also able to respond  and stay  close on our heels. A very entertaining game of football.

This week we are off to Orange to play Western NSW Mariners