Women's U13's Round 1 & 2

Round 1
A scrappy start to the first half with a highlight being a late but well crafted goal and the discover of some wonderful hot chips at the APIA canteen. The second half saw a marked improvement in cohesion and the goals flowed as a result. Like watching One Direction without Zaine, it was good but not quite what we are used to. With more time to gel, the team will reach the heights we all know they are capable of. Congratulations to Alina on the first of many hat tricks and of all the girl who got the coach's, managers and players points.
From Jesse
Round 2
Heavy fog,  and a youngster vomiting out of a cab in McDonalds drive thru...welcome to Mt Druitt!
A slippery and scrappy start with the girls finding a goal harder to score than a decent coffee within a bulls roar of Popondetta. With the bulk of possession but nothing to show for it, the girls went to the break as disappointed as most of the parents when they found out the canteen was out of Krispy Kremes. More pressure in the second half, with the girl pressing forward at any given chance. With time and parental patience running out, Alina improved everyone's weekend with a bullet to the bottom corner. A great team effort reflected by 6 different girls receiving the points. Some excellent work down both wings with a special mention to Tess who battled hard under the weather. On a side note it was wonderful to see Craig and the referee bury the hatchet with a quick hug and thumb wrestle in the tunnel after the play. Great work again, girls...2 from 2.