St George v Parramatta Ladyhawks

posted by Artie on March 28, 2011

After having our first round washed out, we were eagerly looking forward to taking the field in a competitive round.

The 12’s kicked off proceedings on the day, and, with the whole team performing at a high level, we were able to start with a 5-0 win. A great team effort. The 14’s played with passion and commitment however the opposition proved to be a little too strong on the day.

The coaches should be pleased with their team’s performance, and whilst the final result went against us 1-3, the girls showed plenty and will definitely be better for the run. The 16’s took the field after having lost in the trials to Ladyhawks 9-1. They started out timidly however, after a half time pep talk by the coaching staff, came out a played some great football. Final score was 0-4.

This team has plenty of ability and should have a good season. Reserve Grade. Not a lot can be said about our performance in a 0-11 loss. The girls did not play anywhere near their potential and I am sure we will see a big turnaround next week.

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