All these kids could have been saved for $20 each

posted by Artie on Feb. 2, 2011

A very important story from the telegraph Our children's health a must to read from the telegraph I have removed all names but a very good friend of mine I have left.This is for everyone,please look into this for your children ASAP THEIR children were a picture of health, some were even state champion athletes but their lives were taken by a silent killer dubbed "adult SIDS" - which a $20 test could have identified. Sudden cardiac death claims 500 lives in Australia each year and now 10 grieving families are calling for preventive testing and an education campaign. They aim to save children like NSW running champion J**** R*****, 15, who died a year ago after visiting the gym; James Masurkun, 16, who died in his sleep after a soccer championship in August; and E*** Mc****, 17, who died while warming up for a state netball tournament two years ago. Prevention organisation CRY (cardiac risk in the young) said exercise and sport could trigger a condition known as hypotrophic cardiomyopathy. "So if you're pushing an athlete to the limit it is very reasonable to suggest they have their heart looked at to see if that sporting activity could cause sudden death," CRYs director of screening Dr Steve Cox said. In Italy cardiac screening, including a $20 ECG, has cut the death toll by 89 per cent. The campaign comes after The Daily Telegraph's report following James' death and highlights the lack of screening in Australia. British experts say one in 500 people is likely to have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. CRY is this year testing all children born in 1995. Peak sports bodies such as the Australian Olympic Committee, Australian Institute of Sport and Swimming Australia do not routinely test elite athletes. Jill Masurkun's son was headed for a professional soccer career. She had never heard of sudden cardiac death in the young until James died. "Our kids don't make it to A league, they die before they get there," she said. L***** R******' son J**** died at the family's home in Plumpton. He had won a state athletics 400m race and was a keen soccer player. "It is the fit and healthy ones it takes. Pre-participation screening is necessary," she said. J** C******* nephew M******, 12, died while playing soccer on the South Coast in September as his family watched.Mr C****** supports screening because: "We don't want anybody to go through it. It was a nightmare." When Y***** Mc***** daughter E**** collapsed while training for a state netball game, she immediately thought she had sprained an ankle: "I still can't believe what happened right in front of me. She was fit, she was healthy." 8354516 Read more:
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