Womens Trials

Women Vs Gladesville Ravens

U14s   SGFC  5  -  Gladesville  1
U15s   SGFC  1  -  Gladesville  2
U17s   SGFC  3  -  Gladesville  2
Res      SGFC  0  -  Gladesville  0
1st       SGFC  2  -  Gladesvlle   1

Mens & Youth trials

Mens & Youth Trial results

Youth Vs Wollongong
13s  Wollongong  0  -  SGFC  1
14s  Wollongong  0  -  SGFC  1
15s  Wollongong  0  -  SGFC  2
16s  Wollongong  4  -  SGFC  0

Mens Vs Rockdale
18s   Rockdale    2  -  SGFC  1
20s   Rockdale    2  -  SGFC  2
1st    Rockdale    4  -  SGFC  1


Mens & Youth trials Vs Marconi

Marconi Vs St George FC

We traveled to Marconi Stadium today for trial matches with the following results
13s    Marconi   5-1
14s    Marconi  7-0
15s    Marconi  1-4
16s    Marconi  2-1
18s    Marconi  2-1
20s   Marconi  4-3
1st     Marconi  1-3

Thanks to Marconi for hosting today and we wish them all the best for season 2018.


Womens trials Vs Apia

Our ladies teams have welcomed Apia Leichhardt Tigers today in  trial matches with the following results

14s Saints  0-1
15s Saints  0-4
17s Saints  0-3
Res Saints 0-1
1st Saints   2-1

Thanks to Apia great visitors and all the best for season 2018


Active Kids Rebate now available

The NSWgovInfo , ActiveKidsRebate is now available to be redeemed from https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/
Please log onto the service NSW website click on the  active kids program link follow the instruction, redeem your voucher then log onto https://live.myfootballclub.com.au register your child and enter your voucher, if you have any issues please contact your, youth convenor, team manager or email youth@stgeorgefootball.com.au and we will assist you with the process.

Arthur Kontalis


Trial Matches Vs Sutherland Sharks Mens & Youth

Our Men's and Youth teams have had their 1st hit out today for season 2018 Vs Sutherland at Seymour shaw

A good run for both clubs today

Sutherland Vs St George Fc
13s 4 -1
14s 0 -0
15s 0-0 match called of due to hot weather
16s 0-1
18s 1-0
20s 4-2
1st  2-3

Thank you very much to Sutherland for hosting us today as normal great hosts all the best to them for season 2018